At the crossroads of hopeless romantic and a strong modern woman is where you will find New York's Upper West Side native, Ariana Rabbani. Having grown up as the daughter of a well-known New York City fine jewelry designer, Ariana was inspired by the beauty of jewelry and developed a strong appreciation for quality from an early age.  At twelve, she made her first foray into the family business when she joined her father in designing her inaugural namesake collection, capturing the imagination of youth with its whimsical and dainty butterflies, flowers and hearts.  After going on to study business at Boston University and build an impressive career in the luxury fashion industry, working for icons such as Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani, she honed her talents and built a new level of appreciation for her craft. Ariana decided to return to her roots and follow her lifelong passion for fine jewelry, launching her brand, Ariana Rabbani.

Combining Ariana's personal touch of classic yet modern style and her innate sense of fashion, the Ariana Rabbani collection encapsulates beauty and femininity with its dainty, luxurious designs.  It captures the unique feeling of romance and timeless elegance with statement designs and delicate diamond pieces that are suitable for casual day and evening wear. Ariana knows that women today can balance handling life's daily challenges with unparalleled individual style. Strength meets beauty, femininity and romance.  Welcome to the new ~ old New York.